Miss Lacy leads our toddler room. Miss Lacy has been with GFALC for 8 years and holds a CHILD DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES degree. Children in this room are at the beginning of their social and emotional development. Children are encouraged to use their words to express their needs and wants. Because children are just learning what "words" are, biting and hitting can be quite common at this stage. However, we work very diligently to encourage "nice touches." The toddler room curriculum includes activities to create social experiences and learning through sensory, art, dramatic play, and fine/large motor skill development.  Our circle time, includes dancing, singing, reading books, and finger puppets; focusing on letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.  Parents are informed about daily activities including diaper changing, eating habits, demeanor and naptime.  Toddlers take two field trips a year:  to the zoo and the apple orchard.

toddlers & 2's