In 2014 GFALC adapted PreciouStatus as a means for daily communication, eliminating paper forms, and adding live updates for naps, feedings, activities, and photos.  


PreciouStatus offers bank level security to protect your families privacy.  PreciouStatus is easily accessed via your smart device or your email.

PreciouStatus securely keeps your data accessible at your fingertips. Many of our families have found such accessibility to be a powerful tool when consulting with their child's pediatrician. 

Staying connected with your child's day has never been so easy!


As a parent, knowing the events and milestones or your childs day is  important.  That is why our teachers are strategically scheduled to create opportunities for direct daily parent communication. 


When your child arrives and departs from school each day, you will have the opportunity to speak with the teachers working directly with your child.

This standard increases accurate communication, provides for parent/teacher collaboration, & great family talking points.