Chelsea DeJonge

 Director / Owner

Hello! My name is Chelsea DeJonge.  This center is my passion!  I love being a part of the children’s daily lives; watching them discover new things, and listening to their funny stories.  I love developing creative new ideas with our teachers to improve the lives of our children and families!  I have held a number of positions at GFALC through the years including Lead Pre-K teacher, until 2012, when my husband Brent, and I took ownership.  In 2010 I received my Child Development Associates degree.  I am a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, South Dakota Association for Child Care Directors, and Vice President of the Siouxland Association for Child Care Directors.  

Our Philosophy


We believe that each child is an unique individual.  

Children learn, grow and develop at their own pace. Therefore, we believe in transitioning when each child is developmentally ready, not based on their age.  Our goal is to provide an environment that fosters each child's individual growth.  We provide a wide variety of learning activities, and materials to meet these needs.  We  strive to create an environment that is safe, FUN, and non-competitive. 


We believe that in order for children to thrive, they need a nurturing caregiver.

We establish a warm, and caring environment where children feel safe, and  secure.  Our staff works diligently to develop a sense of love and trust amongst families, children, and staff.  


We believe children need to build self-confidence & esteem to reach their full potential.  

We provide opportunities for children to feel that their ideas and thoughts are valued.  We encourage self expression and creativity in our daily activities.


We believe that family is the most important aspect of a child’s life.  

Our goal is to serve as a resource to families as their child grows, as well as provide opportunities for family involvement.  


We believe children need a stimulating, structured environment to explore, play & learn.  Our curriculum provides development of cognitive skills, fine and large motor skills, and social/emotional skills.  


Most of all, we understand that caring for your children is a privilege and a responsibility we do not take lightly.  

GFALC prides itself on making our center feel like your child's second home.  Our staff is nurturing, caring, and well trained to ensure that all children feel loved, respected, and well cared for.  






We care for children 4 weeks to 12 years of age.


Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 6:30 A.M. – 6:30 P.M.


 Our teachers are well trained and experienced.  We make sure all staff are able to communicate well with parents.  Teachers communicate with parents regarding daily activities, opportunities or suggestions that may contribute to the childs' development. We welcome parent feedback.  All teachers are required to go through a state and federal background check for criminal history.  When hiring, we look for teachers with good character, creativity, and interpersonal skills, as well as a strong desire to work with children.


Directors & Pre-k/Pre-school Lead Teachers in our program must possess one of the following: an Early Childhood Degree, Child Development Associates Degree, Or Elementary Education Degree.  All of our teachers are CPR certified and First Aid certified.  Each teacher is required 20 hours annually of training that include:


  • Child Growth & Development

  • Planning Learning Activities

  • Guidance and Discipline Techniques

  • Communication & Relations with Families

  • Detecting & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect

  • Food Handling Techniques

  • Prevention of Communicable Disease

  • Fire & Natural Disaster Procedures

  • Health & Safety